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What is ASP.Net?

ASP.Net is an open source server-side web application framework. It is designed by Microsoft for making dynamic web pages. It provides the flexibility for developing various applications including both Windows and Web Applications through a different language. ASP.NET is the components of .NET used for creating and deploying a rich website with less lines of code. and the provision of User-Friendly IDE for creating various applications.

Microsoft also produces an integrated development environment largely for .NET software called Visual Studio.

What are the Scope of ASP.Net?

Most of the MNC’s are working on ASP.Net technology. The scope of ASP.Net is excellent. You can get much salaries. You can become web developer.

How the course will benefit me??

  • Real-Time Project Training

  • Totally Practical Training

  • 100% Placement Support

  • 10+ Experienced Professionals

  • Regular/WeekEnd Batches Facility

Objectives of ASP.Net -

  • To become an ASP.Net professional.

  • Create web-based applications.

  • Using different controls to create interactive websites.

  • Easily personalize web pages.

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  1. Windows application programming
    1. Introduction
    2. Controls
    3. Menus and Context Menus
    4. Dialog
    5. Form Inheritance
    6. Other Misc. Topics
  2. Database Connectivity Using ADO.NET
    1. Overview of Database & Database Server
    2. Introduction of SQL Server 2008
    3. DML & DDL Query
    4. Join , Trigger , Procedure & function
    5. Ado.NET API
    6. Connected Layer
    7. Connection, Command & Data Reader
    8. Disconnected Layer
    9. Adapter, Data Set, Table, Row & Column
    10. ODBC, OLEDB, Oracle Client
    11. Connectivity with Oracle ,Access, Excel & MySql
    12. Connection Pooling
  3. Web Application Programming Using Asp.NET
    1. Web application architecture
    2. Static Web Page
    3. Application Life Cycle
    4. Dynamic Page
    5. Page Life Cycle & Event Method
    6. Html & Server Control
    7. Server Control Event Life Cycle
    8. State Management
    9. Url Rewriting, Hidden Form Field, View State, Session, Cookies & Application.
    10. Global class & Event Method
    11. Uploading & Downloading
    12. Page Directives
    13. Data Source
    14. SqlDataSource, XmlDataSource, SiteMapDataSource & ObjectDataSource
    15. Data Control
    16. DataList, DetailsView, FormView, GridView, ListView & Repeater
    17. Validation Control
    18. CompareValidator, CustomValidator, RangeValidator, RegularExpressionValidator & ValidationSummary
    19. Navigation
    20. Menu, SiteMapPath & TreeView
    21. Login Control & Membership
    22. Login, LoginName, LoginStaus, LoginView, Password Recovery, Change Password, CreateUserWizaed.
    23. Ajax Extensions
    24. ScriptManager, UpdatePanel, UpdateProgress & Timer
    25. Globalization & localization
    26. Master Page & Style them
    27. Mail
    28. SMTP
    29. POP3
  4. Networking
    1. Introduction of Networking
    2. Understanding socket and port
    3. Tcp Client & Tcp Listener
    4. TCP/IP based networking
    5. HTTP based networking
    6. HttpRequest
    7. HttpResponse
  5. LINQ
    1. Introduction to LINQ
    2. LINQ expressions
    3. Using via extension methods
    4. Filtering
    5. Sorting
    6. Aggregation
    7. Skip and Take operators
    8. Joins
    9. Extension methods
    10. Object initialization syntax
    11. Anonymous types
    12. Lambda expressions
    13. Deferred Execution
    14. Benefits and drawbacks
    15. IEnumerable vs IQueryable
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