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About Core Technology

Significance of Core Technologies in Development Field

If one urges to build something then Development is best suited field for him/her. Here to build means to build application, web application, game etc. In any software, game or application there will be two divisions like frontend and backend. Backend is always written in any of well known Core technologies such as C, C++, Java, C#, Asp.Net etc. So what is the significance of these technologies in the life cycle of software development? These technologies make sure that all applications, databases and web servers work together in harmony and provide best experience to end users.

Rich Job Market: Due to digitization

In past two decades we eventually moving to a fully digital world and there is strong role of all Core Technologies to do so. C and C++ is a very basic language to start career in IT field though it is very vast and deep languages one can start with this easily.

New trends like online shopping, enterprise level web applications, social media, mobile applications, blogs, etc are making IT industry very rich and vast day by day. Eventually vacancies for good developers are also increases.

Core Technologies: Insight

For fresher market is bit crowded with full of competition, so to survive in industry you need to make sure your tool box is fully loaded. To choose appropriate technology from number of Core technologies available in market is not difficult if you clear enough where you wanted to go. Newbie’s can start with C and C++ and then eventually go for Java or any other advance level.

Here is snippet for all hot favorite technologies and their short description.

is oldest programming language among all, yet holds position in top ten very most used core technology in industry. C is widely used because it works with direct hardware which provides compatibility to any type of architecture. It provides less flexibility to programmer to achieve desired functionality because it is a structural language.
is known as super flexible programming language because programmer can combine other language code also. It is used in telecommunication field as foundational software for weird and wireless systems.
known as corporate and commercial programming language, it is youngest among all but still made its position in market. It is widely used to build customer relationship management (CRM) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Java is also used 3d graphic application, mobile application, etc.
is combination of C and C++ programming language popular as ‘C-Sharp’. C#, Asp.net, MVC mostly used to build Web applications, Desktop application for windows, etc. Very famous Apple iPhone applications are build with C#.

Best training institute to learn any Core Technology in Pune

If you ever dream to create something which gone be used by whole world, than any of these Core Technologies will help you to accomplish your dream. To start career in this field you should join CodeKul, because it is an Institute in Pune which provides training in almost all type of Core Technologies.

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