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Meanstack Training Course is Combination of

Pre Requisite Technologies for Meanstack Training Course:

About Meanstack Development

About Meanstack App Development

MEAN stack is basically a collection of JavaScript-based web development technologies.The term MEAN stack refers to a collection of JavaScript-based technologies used to develop web applications. MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angularjs, and Node.js. The program begins with Node.js and Express.js which provide a solid foundation to understand and build web applications with the help of JavaScript. Further, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of  Angular to help you master front-end web development. Finally, you will get a training in MongoDB.

Scope of that Technology

Demand for MEAN Stack developers is touching new heights!
As a fresher MEAN Stack Developer earns between 4-7 lac P.A, which grows to 8-10 lac P.A over two-three years of experience.
MEAN stack developers can work as a front-end as well as back-end, which helps startups to hire one person, instead of two. So as the number of product companies grows, the demand for MEAN stack developers would grow.
The advantages which MEAN stack provide is not just limited to the web applications development. The influence of MEAN stack can be felt in Mobile and API development too. Many well-known companies are using MEAN Stacks such as PayPal, LinkedIn, Netflix,Yahoo, HP etc.

How the course will benefit me?

Codekul is the best place to learn Mean Stack Development Training in Pune. We have designed our training course content and syllabus based on student’s requirement to achieve everyone’s career goal.If you join codekul you will get the following course benefits -

  • Fully Job based and Practical oriented Mean Stack Development Training and Placement Assistance which is free for lifetime.

  • We cover All the prerequisites for learning Mean Stack Development.

  • Our Best Mean Stack Development Training starts from Basic to Advanced concepts. Beginners and Experienced professionals also can learn it.

  • Fully Job based and Practical oriented Training and Placement Assistance which is free for lifetime.

  • We provide free Demo classes

  • We provided live projects for you to practice

  • Free job assistance and certification

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Who is the target audience

  • Fresher Graduate

  • Developers

  • Web designers

  • Node js developers

  • Angularjs developers

  • Anyone who wants to learn MEAN Stack Development should have a basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML/HTML5.

Course Objectives

During the MEAN Stack Training, you will be able to:

  1. Explore most popular JavaScript MVW Framework.

  2. Create custom directives, filters and different types of scopes in directive.

  3. Create and consume REST API.

  4. Create HTTP web server and handle requests & responses.

  5. Handle Sessions, Cookies, and Session Stores.

  6. Install and work with MongoDB and Node.js.

  7. Use HTML Templating engines like Jade and Handlebars.

  8. Use HTML Templating engines like Jade and EJS.

  9. Use Node’s Package Manager – NPM.

  10. Design schema using MongoDB and writing queries.

  11. Publish your App on Web Server (IIS, Apache Tomcat).


  1. Getting Started
    1. Introduction
    2. What is NodeJS?
    3. What is Angular 2?
    4. How Angular 2 and NodeJS Work Together
    5. About the Course Structure
    6. Setting up the Course Projec
    7. Understanding the Project Structure
  2. NodeJS Basics
    1. Introduction 
    2. Understanding the Flow of a Request
    3. Working with Requests and Responses 
    4. Creating Routes and Passing Data 
    5. Knowledge Injection: Http Methods 
    6. Knowledge Injection: Data Formats 
    7. More on NodeJS  
  3. Creating the Frontend with Angular 2
    1. Introduction 
    2. Rendering an Angular 2 App with NodeJS / Express
    3. Knowledge Injection - Components 
    4. Starting an Angular 2 App 
    5. Understanding Decorators 
    6. Outputting Data with String Interpolation
    7. Working with Templates and Styles 
    8. Two-Way-Binding  
    9. Adding Custom Models  
    10. Improving the Folder Structure 
    11. Multiple Components  
    12. Knowledge Injection - Property and Event Binding
    13. Using Property Binding 
    14. Using Event Binding 
    15. Knowledge Injection - Directives 
    16. Understanding Attribute Directives 
    17. Using NgFor to Output a List 
    18. Adding Input and List Components 
    19. Knowledge Injection - Services & Dependency Injection 
    20. Creating a Service 
    21. Adding Messages with a Service 
    22. Getting Messages via a Service 
    23. One Instance to Rule them All 
    24. Enabling Default HTML Validation in Angular 4
    25. Adding Messages with a Template-Driven Form 
    26. Creating a Header & Re-Structuring the Project 
    27. Setting Up Routing 
    28. Routing & Navigation 
    29. Routing and the Server
    30. Creating User-related Components 
    31. Adding Child Routes 
    32. User Signup with Reactive (Data-Driven) Forms 
  4. Connecting the Angular 2 Frontend with the NodeJS Backend
    1. Introduction
    2. Backend - Saving Messages
    3. Knowledge Injection - Angular 2 & Http
    4. Saving Messages - Wiring Up Frontend and Backend
    5. Backend - Getting Messages
    6. Getting Messages - Wiring Up Frontend and Backend
    7. Editing Messages - Preparing the Frontend
    8. Backend - Updating Messages
    9. Editing Messages - Wiring Up Frontend and Backend
    10. Deleting Messages Professional Trainer

Aniruddha kudalkar

10 Year

Java Android Angular2 Kotlin

Job Assistance Program

Once you successfully finish your assignments and projects, our counselors provide you with one-on-one career guidance with great emphasis on mock interviews and building an online professional portfolio to help you get noticed by top recruiters.

Resume Building

Our industry experts tell you what exactly to put in your resumes and how to highlight them on top job portals.

Online Reputation Building

We establish your presence on all the right social networks like Git, Stack Overflow, LinkedIn, etc.

Mock Interviews

Our industry experts give you insider tips on how to face the real tech interviews of top firms.

Placement Assistance

Interviews with top MNCs and start-ups and periodic placement drives will be arranged. Stats


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