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Code Engg.
  • Get job offer on first day.
  • 100% Practical Oriented Sessions..
  • A program designed based on industry demand.
  • Will get a chance to work on the live project
  • Get Job Guarantee Experience certificate (Remove Fresher Tag)
  • 24/7 Code lab facility.
  • Free Wifi and Available 24hrs Internet connectivity.
  • job ready candidates.
  • Create professional resume writing.
  • Mock interview and aptitude test.
  • Guest Lecture from Industry Experts.
  • 100% Job Placement Guarantee
  • To become a full stack - frontend and backend developer as per industry need, enroll your name for code-engineer course at Codekul.
  • Referral discounts.
  • Alumni Group on Facebook and other social media for updates.
  • Lifetime Career Consultant.
  • Limited seats.
  • Best accommodation on/off Campus drive.
  • Free English communication & Soft skills Training.
  • 1 Year Experience Letter.
  • Practicing for Communication, Aptitude test and Resume Making.
  • Dedicated Placement Team.

About Code Engineer Course Track

We are very pleased to announce that we are introducing 100% Job Guarantee Courses in Pune,Codekul. After huge recommendations from our recruiters and many companies, we are going to start a new Code Engineer course technology in the market. Our main aim is that to provide individual training in Mobile App Development and Web Development technology. In this technology, does not require any idea and knowledge of programming because of we teach you from basic level to advance level. If you want to become an expert in IT industry, you should enroll your name in Codekul Pvt.Ltd. for Code Engineer - 100% Placement Course in Pune. The duration of this training is 1 year and get the industrial experience on the live project. Codekul is one of the best academy for full stack - Forntend & Backend development training provider in Pune area.

If you are looking for job oriented courses after graduation Codekul always be there to help you. We deliver industry oriented training for both IT students and Non IT students to perform excellence in their choice of specific technology. We understand the requirement of our students like what they want? and how to easily learn? and thus we trained candidate according to the industry needs. So, we split full stack development training in to the two-parts. One is full stack web development and another is full stack mobile app development training.

There are 2 type of training:

  1. Online Training : Students can attend the particular course from anywhere in the world.
  2. Classroom Training : The student has to attend the particular course.

After the join Codekul for Code Engineer course, you can learn with IT environment. Our candidate can learn how to handle the customer?, How to create the project documents, etc..

Development program is divided into 4 phases :

  1. Learning
  2. Implementation
  3. Polishing
  4. Employment

After the completion of successful training candidate will get the 1 year experience letter along with joining letter. To develop the other skills Codekul will give you training on technical skills, soft skills and communications skills. We arranging the schedule on technical aptitude, preparation on mock interviews, resume making etc. These facilities make sure that candidates are a not only technical person and they can easily crack their first interview. We have over 200+ placements tie-ups with companies. Our certified full stack industry need candidates got placed in many middle scale and MNC’s companies in Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. Codekul is one stop training institute for 100% Job Guarantee Course after Graduation in Pune.

100% Job Guarantee Course Track.

Android Mobile Application Development Course Track.

Learn Technology.

  • C Programming

  • CPP Programming

  • Core Java

  • Android App using Kotlin

  • Spring Technology

  • MongoDB

  • Software Testing Overview

  • Digital Marketing Overview

iOS Mobile Application Development Course Track.

Learn Technology.

  • C Programming

  • CPP Programming

  • iOS Swift Development

  • Spring Technology

  • MongoDB

  • Software Testing Overview

  • Digital Marketing Overview

Unity3d Game Application Development Course Track.

Learn Technology.

  • C Programming

  • CPP Programming

  • C#

  • Unity3d Game Development

  • AR and VR Technology

  • Software Testing Overview

  • Digital Marketing Overview

Web Application Development Course Track.

Learn Technology.

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Javascript

  • jQuery

  • Bootstrap

  • PHP / Wordpress / MEAN Stack(Angular,Node.js,Express.js,MongoDB)

  • Software Testing Overview

  • Digital Marketing Overview

Data Science Technology Course Track.

Learn Technology.

  • C Programming

  • CPP Programming

  • Python

  • R Language

  • Data Science Algorithm

  • Software Testing Overview

  • Digital Marketing Overview

Course Benefit

100% Job Guaranteed #confirmedjob

Looking for Guaranteed job placement Codekul Pvt Ltd provides you the guaranteed job placement on first day of your Code Engineer Course admission. After completion of your Course you will get the 1 year experience once you completed your training and live project work.

100% Industrial Environment #ITProfessional

Candidate are enrolled for the 100% job guarantee course at Codekul Pvt Ltd. He/She can work with in a typical IT Environment setup. He/She can learn how to handle the customer?, How to create the project documents, etc.. We do provide him/her all the facility as per company requirement. Every day Employee need to punch for their attendance. Employee need to work 8 hrs a day and 6 days week.

Walk Through #funjourney

Whole duration is divided into 4 phases

Here all enrolled candidates will pass through rigorous training from the industry experts. Candidates will learn many market trending things as per their interest.
During this phase each candidate have to work on actual projects and implement the gained knowledge in the former phase. Here candidates will get real opportunity to learn by means of implementing the technology..
It is necessary to keep knowledge updated and polished by adding new things, getting suggestions for experts on it. Whatever work candidates will do that will be evaluated by experts
After polishing phase candidates will become the little expert in their work, they will do, what they taught to do and it is this is good time to sell their knowledge and earn out of it.

Take Away #takeway

Once you join job oriented course after graduation here you remove you fresher tag at Codekul Pvt Ltd. Once complete your 1 year you will be treated as a experience jobseeker. Here you will get the opportunity to become a full stack developer in company. If he/she is passionate about his/her career they can find a good opportunity job Or we help to start your own startup company?

Real Product Development #devpart

Becoming the part of product development process is very important to learn granular aspects of technology, even for the experts and the freshers. CodeEngineer is giving you this platform to explore many things by actually contributing in the development process.

See The expert and Be The expert #seebe

Candidates would be working under those experts who are real world programmers, who have worked for last 10 years in this industry. Candidates will get real chance to learn the technology by actually implementing in the guidance of many experts.

Deep dive of technology #deeptech

Learning in the schools and institutions is way different than Implementing the technology and earning the money out of It. CodeEngineer will bridge this gap by smoothly by reveling many tricks in front of candidates e.g. How to pull the trending frameworks, How make an elegant project architecture ? How to maintain the project for years ? What are the aspects while selecting the technology ? And many more things.

You are NO MORE FRESHER #nofresher

The candidates who will join this program will surely get 1 year of experience letter from CodeKul Pvt Ltd. In addition to that they will get guaranteed placement in Startups, Mid Scale and Multi National Companies. If required and student is interested CodeKul Pvt Ltd can absorb the good talent for its own company projects as well.

Certified CodeEngineer #codeengineer

CodeEngineer is itself a world class course. We are self certifying it on the basis of evaluation of well established IT Companies and Universities, which is truly bridging the gap between Industry and Schooling., trending Job Portal #myjobportal

Every candidate will get free and lifetime access for getting any job opportunity presently and in the future. We have on board 1000 Startups and 800 MNCs from last year and still we are growing like jet.

Get chance to be placed in MNC / Startup #placementanywhere

Finding job as a fresher in the Software industry now has become very difficult. To solve this problem, CodeKul Pvt. Ltd. came up with the idea of CodeEngineer by going through this phase any student will be get 100% job in his desired organization.

Guidance how to start & run your own startup company #webuildstartups

CodeKul's moto have been always to create entrepreneurs in the market who can create more jobs and run their own company to achieve their goals in their life. Codekul Pvt. Ltd. always help enthusiasts or people to own and run their own company.

Learning Stats. #learningstats

  • 1000+ students trained in different programming languages
  • 25+ college sessions have been delivered
  • 10+ corporate sessions have been delivered

Due to expert programmers, love with trending technologies, fantastic marketing and top class management; Codekul always stood different in the training space than others. This attitude resulted in enrollment of 1000 candidates in the span of less than 2 years. Because of our logic, passion and love towards the technology we are most invited and most demanding people in the colleges and universities.

Technical Partner #techpartner

Delivering the technology by making it so simple and digestible to all, has created another impact within the colleges and candidates. This Attitude has created some special bond with colleges and students, which is forcing us to do something special for colleges. With this motivation Codekul Aims to build software company at the door of every single college in the India. Presently, CodeKul is technical partner with many colleges for conducting Seminars, Guest lectures and workshops.

Training Available in Classroom, Online sessions, Pre Recorded #deliveringways

CodeKul Pvt. Ltd. has always been with pace of changing technologies so as per the convenience of the Students we conduct sessions in 3 different modes so that we are able to save time and focus more on implementation rather than wasting time in traveling and increasing more expenses for the students. #classroom #online #prerecorded.

Weekly once Corporate people guide you on different technology by visiting CodeKul office #CodeStudio

There are many industry experts who are willing to share their experience, journey, challenges and difficulties they faced during their project development tenure, all CodeEngineer candidates will get benefit of interacting with these experts. These stories may inspire the future CodeEngineer We generously call this session as codestudio.

We don't provide you printed study material #learningmatters

Using technology and going Green with Environment we have stopped to give any printed material to students and saved 1000's of Trees till now. We encourage students not to use paper and always come up with the idea of using technology to know their things in our office as well classroom. Google keep is the best example for making notes. #NoPaper.

Food And Hostel Facility #foodandshelter

We will provide you contact details of relevant persons who can provide you Food and accommodation options. Professional Trainer

Aniruddha Kudalkar

10 Year

Java Android Angular2 Kotlin

Job Assistance Program

Once you successfully finish your assignments and projects, our counselors provide you with one-on-one career guidance with great emphasis on mock interviews and building an online professional portfolio to help you get noticed by top recruiters.

Resume Building

Our industry experts tell you what exactly to put in your resumes and how to highlight them on top job portals.

Online Reputation Building

We establish your presence on all the right social networks like Git, Stack Overflow, LinkedIn, etc.

Mock Interviews

Our industry experts give you insider tips on how to face the real tech interviews of top firms.

Placement Assistance

Interviews with top MNCs and start-ups and periodic placement drives will be arranged. Stats


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