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Block Chain
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About Blokchain

Introduction to Blockchain

Blockchain technology was discovered by Santosh Nakamoto in the year 2008. Blockchain, in fact, it is also called as Blockchain. This technology is used in economic transactions meanwhile, it cannot be corrupted, also called as a digital ledger. The technology is highly robust. Till date, there is no any report of errors regarding the technology. It is one of the excellent inventions in this current technology. Blockchain users are growing exponentially in form of records, technically they are also called as blocks. It is developed in such a way that, it’s impossible to tamper the data or information. Nowadays there is a buzz about Blockchain technology in many organizations /institutes /companies (IT/consultancies/etc...). Bitcoin is indivisible from the Blockchain technology.

How Blockchain is beneficial to learn?

The planet of Blockchain technology has infinite number of beneficials or advantages, now let’s have a look on some of them.

As every Blockchain programming language expert knows that, this technology uses the distributed ledger. Here every transaction is recorded publicly. So, each and every transactions are crystal clear.
Security or protection
This technology is consecutively guarded 24*7 against the hackers, frauds, etc. Hence, it’s secure to use.
Unauthorised user cannot modify the data.
Here it allows peer-to-peer and business-to-business transactions so there is no need of any intermediates therefore, results in less cost.
This technology is decentralized so, it is reliable or trusty.

Demand for Blockchain technology training in the world

In simple words, the demand for this technology is skyrocketing. Now let us see the platforms of this technology.

  1. nullifying the intermediate.
  2. Guards the self-driving cars.
  3. Guarantees the securing of using the internet.
  4. Digital advertising.
  5. Blockchain developers rank 2nd among the top 20 fastest growing jobs.
  6. Industry 4.0 relied hard on Blockchain technology.
  7. Currently, cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology are gaining more prominence so because of this reasons many of the fintech startups, consultancy firms and many other firms are looking to recruiting the Blockchain experts.
  8. There are lack of Blockchain experts, so if you become an expert then surely you have a great future.
  9. Currently, many of the MNC’s have great demand for the Blockchain experts.

Why you should learn Blockchain technology?

Below are some of the reasons, why should the current generation be aware of the present booming technology i.e., Blockchain technology.

  1. The blockchain is one of the booming department or sector.
  2. Has the ocean of opportunities in the market, hence equip the skill-set and jump into the ocean of Blockchain.
  3. It has the handsome salary of about USD $92,106.
  4. Below are the roles which are assigned to Blockchainers
    • Blockchain Developer.
    • Blockchain Solution Architect.
    • Cryptocurrency Analyst.
    • Blockchain Consultant.
    • Senior Software Engineer.
    • Research Analyst: Blockchain.
  5. This booming technology has the bright future if you are well-versed in Blockchain technology.
  6. It is the dynamic sector meanwhile, evolving day-by-day.

What are the prerequisites for Blockchain Training Course?

Below are the prerequisites for candidates who are looking for Blockchain Training Courses.

  1. To know that what is Blockchain technology?... In simple it is important to know that it is a distributed data store.
  2. After completing my training course in Blockchain technology who is going to recruit me?... Now a days there are many companies/industries who are interested to hire the Blockchain knowledgeable people, let’s have a glance on some of them, they are
    • Music industry:- Yes! In the music industry, it helps in direct communication between the artists and the fans.
    • Fabrication and Transport industry:-Helps in maintaining transparency in supply chains.
  3. It's important to know that there are two important Blockchain platform, they are bitcoin and ethereum.
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