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About Automation Testing

Automation Testing is smart work rather it is skilled work. Don’t you want to be more skilled one, as in this tremendous competitive universe?

Yes!! I want to be…

Sure, You can be!! Now let me take you towards Software Industries Automation Testing environment, in prior to this first of all consider this thing. Who does manual testing? Then Human. So Human can lead to mistakes, it can make faults in the system and finally there is a failure in a software system. If our automation testing automates that, then there is no chance of mistake-fault-failure. Our Job will be easy and more appreciable. Isn’t it?

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  1.  Introduction to Selenium IDE
    1. Need of Test Automation
    2. Why Open Source Test Automation
    3. Introduction to Various tools of Test Automation
    4. Introduction of Selenium
    5. Selenium Components
    6. First Record and Replay of Scenario in Selenium IDE
    7. Introduction of Web Technologies – HTML, XML, XPath, CSS, Firepath and DOM
    8. Locators in Selenium
    9. Introduction of Selenese Command Types
    10. Selenium Action Commands
    11. Verification and Assertion Command
    12. Store and StoreEval – Accessor Commands
    13. Creation of Test Suite
    14. Debugging IDE Script
    15. Firebug , installation and finding web elements
    16. More on Selenium IDE
  2. Java
    1. Introduction to Java
    2. Java OOPs Concept
    3. Concept of Classes and Objects in Java
    4. Setting Development Environment - Eclipse
    5. Walk through of Java concepts
    6. Hello World!
    7. Introduction to Java Data Types
    8. Taking Input from End User
    9. Numerical Data Type and Numerical Operators
    10. Boolean Data Type and Operators
    11. Conditional Statements [IF], and Loop [While]
    12. Conditional Statement[SWITCH]
    13. Loop [FOR]
    14. String Data type and functions
    15. Arrays
    16. Hash Tables/ Map Object
    17. Regular Expression
    18. File Handling
    19. Concept of Packages in Java
    20. Exception Handling
    21. Debugging in Java
    22. General Java Programming tit-bits
  3. Selenium WebDriver
    1. Overview of WebDriver
    2. Introduction to browser specific drivers
    3. Setup WebDriver package on system for eclipse
    4. Set up firebug for Firefox
    5. Exporting pre-recorded test scenario in IDE to WebDriver, and executing it.
    6. Webdriver class files, and their methods
    7. Automating different HTML Elements text fields, buttons, links, check box, drop-down etc
    8. Verifications and Assertions
    9. Desired Capabilities and IE 
    10. Handling Web Table
    11. Handling Drop Down elements
    12. Swtich To Command -Handling Frames, Popup Windows, Alerts
    13. Brief about Ajax and how to handle Ajax with WebDriver
  4. Software Testing Terminology
    1. Software Testing Life cycle (STLC)
  5. TestNG
    1. Creating Test using TestNg
    2. TestNg Annotations
    3. Explanation of TestNg XML
    4. Execution of TestNg Tests
    5. Explanation of Testng Folder, and various result files
    6. Parameterize TestNg Test – Data Provider
    7. Capturing screen shots
    8. Custom reporter 
    9. Quick Snapshot- Create Logs
    10. Quick Snapshot- Read and Write to Excel Files
  6. Selenium Grid
    1. Introduction of Selenium Grid
    2. Usage of Selenium Grid, executing same test on different browsers
    3. Introduction to Page Object Model
    4. Usage of Page Object Model for DemoSite
    5. What is Test Automation Frameworks
    6. Different Types of Frameworks, overview
    7. Available Test Automation Frameworks on Selenium
  7. Keyword Driven Framework
    1. Demo of Keyword Driven Framework for Selenium
  8. Hybrid Driven Framework
    1. Demo of Hybrid Driven Framework for Selenium
  9. Mobile Automation
    1. Introduction to Mobile Automation with Tools and its advantages
    2. Introduction to Selendroid/Appium
    3. Setup Selendroid/Appium and Android Development Kit
    4. Finding Controls using Selendroid/Appium Inspector
    5. Automate Android/iOS Native/Hybrid Apps
    6. Case study to automate an Android/iOS Apps
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Aniruddha Sir

10 Year

Java Android Kotlin

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