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About Mobile Technology

Mobile Technologies an awesome field to choose as a career

Last 10 years were golden years for all Mobile Technologies because of smartphones and this will continue in future without any doubt. A choosing career in this future promising field will never let anyone down. The mobile app development field is an impressive field and an optimist should keep an eye on it. It has grown greatly over the last decade and definitely it will continue growing

Mobile App Development Market Research

Nowadays the trend is something like one would prefer to turn a mobile app to start their day before enjoying a cup of tea-coffee in the morning. Today we cannot imagine our life without Mobile phone to be precise smartphones; it is now our part of life. One can imagine the requirement of mobile application developers now and in future.

Due to the rapid growth of mobile application development field, it is creating a number of employment opportunities for both corporate and freelance mobile application and game developers.

Mobile App Development: Inside

In the market of smartphones Android and iOS apps and games are dominating, other than this we should consider windows apps and games also. As android OS is open source and development tools of android are also open source and number of application compare to any other mobile app platform is way more.

Java is an open source programming language which is used in any android app or game. An open source software development kit is available to create apps. The kit comes with samples, source code, developer tools and emulators for testing any android app. One can find number of videos on youtube to create simple to high-level app or game.

C# or objective C programming language is used in any iOS app or game. The iOS Developer Center is providing a wide selection of tools to develop iOS apps, it is not an open source one should pay specified amount to buy a license.

Mobile Technologies: a right choice for Philomath

Application or Game development field is for those who thinks differently, wants to learn new things and wants to discover something. Basically, app development life cycle keeps changing, so one should walk with technology.

Before reading these interesting facts of Mobile Technologies, you might have in the dilemma whether to go into this field or not. But now you will be convinced to have your career in this field..

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