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HTML is the most widely used standard markup language for creating and visually representing a webpage.
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About HTML 5

We are leaving in the digital world isn’t it? Fundamental foundations of digital world are internet and websites. Nowadays for each and every domain we have plenty of websites. You know all the website (no matter how complex and how big) is built with HTML. Latest version of HTML is HTML 5. It is very simple, easy and widely used language in the world of website designing, web application designing, mobile application designing.

In web designing domain basic entry point is HTML, without having knowledge on HTML it is very difficult to survive in Web designing field. CodeKul a training institute comes up with HTML5 training in Pune which include Basics to Expert level course content.

Before going ahead let’s understand what is HTML? And What is the future of it?

Brief introduction to HTML 5

Hyper Text Markup Language is abbreviated as HTML. As name implies it is a Markup language not programming language. HTML is used to make web pages, web browsers can read HTML file and render it into visible web pages. HTML language officially published by Tim Berners -Lee in 1991. After that lot of versions of HTML came into picture with new features and latest version is HTML 5.

Future of HTML

We are still in growing phase in terms of website designing, every day something new come up in this field. Most of the game developers recently moved from flash to HTML due to some reasons and it is increasing. Increasing market for mobile app and games is also one sign of good future in HTML because every application’s front end is made by HTML only. It means there is shining future is waiting for web developers. In market UI/UX is very demanding course in Pune.

One survey says that there will be 30% job hike in web development field by 2020. World is becoming more and more digital with time.

  • One can make his/her own website or blog and earn money.
  • As HTML 5 is booming technology there will plenty Jobs in market after completion of training.
  • Based on HTML there is number of freelance project so one can earn money from that too.
  • Every company who is working with web app and mobile app must and should have HTML developer

Who can learn HTML 5 ?

Anyone with basic knowledge of English language and designing can become expert in HTML 5. HTML 5 is very easy (with proper training) and at the same time demanding in market. Companies are always looking for HTML developers who have practical working knowledge of web designing. So come be a part of CodeKul and become an Expert HTML Developer.

How is CodeKul different from Other training institute in Pune ?

Most of the institute have combine course for HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc so probably there will be not enough class for each and every module. But all these modules are waste in nature it takes some time to become expert so CodeKul come with dedicated HTML training.

So have you made your mind to become HTML developer? Wanted to do training on HTML 5?

Whoa!!! You’re at right place CodeKul is providing training on HTML 5, with conventional ways as well as modern way. With the help of our experienced trainer’s students gets thorough knowledge on HTML 5 like a BULLS EYE!!!

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  1. History, Vision, And Future Of HTML5
    1. Getting Started With HTML5
      1. Structure Of A Web Page
        1. Forms API
          1. HTML5 Canvas
            1. HTML5 SVG
              1. Audio And Video
                1. Data Storage
                  1. HTML5 Offline Applications
                    1. HTML5 Geolocation
                      1. HTML5 Web Workers
                        1. HTML5 Messaging APIs
                          1. Web Sockets
                            1. Communication APIs
                              1. Working with Drag and Drop
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                     Professional Trainer

                              Nikhil Chaudhari

                              5 Year

                              HTML CSS PHP JavaScript Jquery Bootstrap Wordpress

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                              Resume Building

                              Our industry experts tell you what exactly to put in your resumes and how to highlight them on top job portals.

                              Online Reputation Building

                              We establish your presence on all the right social networks like Git, Stack Overflow, LinkedIn, etc.

                              Mock Interviews

                              Our industry experts give you insider tips on how to face the real tech interviews of top firms.

                              Placement Assistance

                              Interviews with top MNCs and start-ups and periodic placement drives will be arranged.



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